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Three Reasons Toronto (& the GTA) Commercial Properties Need Commercial Locksmiths

It seems like common sense, but did you know many businesses in Ontario don’t use commercial locks on their properties, opting instead for regular residential locks on their doors? Whether you operate a small, medium, or large business, having commercial locks, installed by commercial locksmiths in Toronto just makes sense. Here are three big reasons from Davies Lock and Door why that’s true.

1. Long-term savings

On the surface, it might seem like everyday locks are fine for your place of business. Maybe you can save some money with a residential lock, and you might think that if a lock is strong enough to protect your home, it should be strong enough for your business as well. The problem is, doors in your home rarely get the same amount of traffic as businesses get, so the doorknobs and locks get just a fraction of the use that commercial doorknobs and locks receive. A high quality doorknob and lock, installed by a professional commercial locksmith in Toronto, is built to outlast residential locks. So while you might save a bit of money in the short term with a residential lock, in the long run you’ll come out ahead if you do the job right the first time.

2. Commercial doors need commercial locks
While the styles may differ, doors for your home are fairly typical, but doors for businesses can come in all types of materials like glass, aluminum or hollow metal. Different doors require different locks and it takes professionals with the right experience to properly install these locks. Otherwise, your door could be left vulnerable and your door hardware, like the lock and handle, won’t be able to handle the demands placed on it.

3. The right protection for the task
Your business needs to be properly protected. While a standard lock coupled with a home alarm system might be enough to protect your home, it may not be the best choice for your business. Commercial locks and doorknobs are built to take the everyday abuse that life throws at them, but they’re also built to deal with more sinister situations. A commercial lock is normally graded ANSI 1 or ANSI 2, while residential locks are graded ANSI 3 or they may not be graded at all. Depending on your needs the experts at Davies Lock and Door can find the right lock for your business

Trust Davies Lock and Door for your commercial locksmith needs in Toronto. We’re the experts when it comes to selecting and installing the right door hardware for your business. We’ve been providing commercial locksmith services in Toronto since 1977. Contact us today for a quote, we can give you the advice you need to choose just the right commercial lock for your business and install it professionally for maximum protection.

Davies Lock and Door also offers emergency locksmith service, we can provide same day repairs even for locks that were installed by other companies.