Tricks of the Trade: How Professionals Secure Their Property

When you buy your first home, you’re faced with countless new questions: How do you keep up with plumbing maintenance? How often do you have to repaint the exterior of your home? Which school should your children attend?

One important concern that might keep you up at night is missing from this list: How you will secure your home?

If you feel unprotected in your home, it’s time to alleviate that fear. Read on to learn how you can use professionals’ tips and tricks to improve your home security.

Use Quality Products

When you ask professional locksmiths about home security, most will give you the same advice: use quality products. Home security isn’t immune from the old saying “you get what you pay for.”

This doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive items on the market. We understand that isn’t feasible for everyone. But don’t settle for the cheapest option, either. Proper locks, safes, and other equipment take time and skill to craft, and that will reflect in the cost.

Hide Your Valuables
When you plan your rooms’ layouts, consider what people see through the windows. If you can see your silver, fine art, or electronics while you stand outside, burglars can see them as well. While they might look great on display, these valuables can tempt thieves into your home.

Like using quality products, this is one of the most important actions you can take to secure your home. Burglars tend to take the path of least resistance. They want to get in and out quickly and remain unnoticed. If you place your valuables away from easily seen or accessible areas, you make their job more difficult – and this can prevent them from targeting your home.

Post Your Security System Warning Sign
A security system is a popular, effective way to deter break-ins. What system you purchase will depend on your budget and home layout. A surprising trick that many homeowners don’t know? Post a sign outside your home that advertises your system.

Whether it’s a sign on the lawn or a sticker in the window, that posting will deter most burglars. They will know just from a glance that your home is a difficult target.

Make Non-Duplicate Keys
Some burglars avoid “breaking in” to your home because they simply walk through the front door. How? They steal keys and make their own copy without your knowledge. When you use keys labelled “Do Not Duplicate,” you add a simple but important piece to your home security.

Key cutters duplicate most keys without asking any questions. Most of the time, this isn’t a problem. You might need a new spare, or you changed the lock and need a new set. Without the non-duplicate label, however, anyone can take your key and make their own. But, when you choose a non-duplicate key, key cutters will make sure that you are its authorized owner.

In addition to that protection, you are less likely to duplicate keys when it’s a more difficult process. The more keys you make, the more likely one will get lost or stolen. Non-duplicate keys will make key cutters – and you – think twice before creating more copies.

Light Your Home
Most burglaries occur while it’s dark. Exterior lights create a barrier around your home that helps prevent break-ins from happening. Some lighting options include:

  • Floodlights: Like traditional lights, floodlights stay on until you turn them off. Their high-intensity, broad beams provide visibility during any time of night.
  • Motion sensors: When motion sensor lights detect movement, they turn on their beams or flash. This draws attention to the intruder and alerts you to the danger. If you don’t want to have a light on all night, this is a useful alternative.
  • Remote access: If you are away from home often, consider purchasing a remote access lighting system. You can use your smartphone or computer to turn lights on. This will make it appear that someone is at home.

Invest in a Safe
When you think about reasons for home security, the first thing that comes to mind is protecting it from burglars. Safes offer a final line of defense against any thief who enters your home. Even if they get past your exterior security, your most valuable items will be secure.

Safes also provide another layer of protection. Your property needs defense against elements like fire or flooding as well. Insurance can take care of financial concerns, but safes can protect irreplaceable items like photographs or heirlooms.

As you plan your home security system, take advantage of the professionals in your area. Bonded, registered locksmiths at Davies Lock & Door can give you priceless advice on the best ways to protect your home. Use our advice and these quick tips to create the safest home possible. Contact us today!