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Keep Your Home Safe with Deadlocks in Toronto

No one wants to worry about their office or home’s lack of security. Fortunately, there is an easy way to secure your property and gain peace of mind. Deadlocks, or deadbolt locks, provide you with more security and better protection from theft. Let Davies Lock & Door find, install, and service the deadlocks in Toronto that are right for your home and office.

The Advantages of Deadlocks

Deadlocks offer improved security over regular latching locks: they give your home extra strength against intruders because they extend further into the frame. Embedded deadlocks are also more difficult to attack, giving you a safer and better protected home.

The Types of Deadlocks

Single-sided deadlocks prevent most burglaries, but double-sided deadbolts can provide even more security for your home, as they require the use of keys on both sides. Either type of deadlock works well depending on your needs. Lastly, there are electric deadbolts that use programmable keys, which can add security and convenience.

Davies Lock & Door offers both Medeco® and Primus® high-security deadbolts. Both brands can resist heavy impacts, lock picks, and drills. These advanced brands deter criminals who look for easy break-ins.

Trained Locksmiths Can Help You Find the Right Lock

Our experienced locksmiths know what is necessary to keep a home safe. Work with them to find the lock that best fits your home and reduces security risks. Their skills help them know what locks will work with your doors and which ones won’t. They can help you find an option that secures your home at a price you can afford.

If you need deadlocks in Toronto, let Davies Lock & Door find the lock that works for you. We want our customers to feel safe, so we offer full warranties on all our products and services. Trust us to make sure you have the deadlocks you need to be secure.Call 416-492-8933, or contact us and upgrade your home’s security today.

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