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Master Keying in Toronto: What It Is & How It Works

If you’ve ever wondered how janitors know which key on their giant key rings opens a given door, you’re not alone. Janitors and landlords who need access to many different doors avoid potential mix-ups by making use of a master key system.

Davies Lock & Door designs, creates, and services master key systems for large commercial enterprises, as well as homes. Here’s how these systems work:

A master key system consists of one or more keys that are able to unlock multiple doors within the same premises. This provides organization, heightened security, and targeted access to certain areas of the building. Aside from ease of use, master key systems offer enhanced safety and accessibility.

These are just a few benefits of master keying. Toronto customers also know that our family-owned company will treat you like one of our own. As your neighbourhood locksmiths, our main goal is to serve you with the best products available, all while providing a friendly and satisfying experience.

Provide Secure Options

The purpose behind a master key system is to consolidate the number of keys you need to carry. Once you have our system in place, you will be able to access all units with one master key.

Additionally, if several people are in charge of building security, our systems are accommodating to all users. We can divide access to certain areas or offer multiple master keys. Creating this division of authority is only one possible alternative. Feel free to discuss further options with our knowledgeable staff.

Benefits of a well-designed master key system include a safe environment for all building occupants, as well as efficient management tools for any property manager, owner, or landlord.

The Key to Success

We employ trained, reputable locksmiths who possess a working knowledge of all our Toronto master keying applications. If you have a question about the selection or installation of a master key system, feel free to contact us today at 416-492-8933.

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