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Medeco® Locks Toronto, Ontario (and Surrounding Areas)

Medeco® Locks are supplied from Davies Lock & Door Services in Toronto, Ontario for business and residential security purposes. Medeco® Locks are one of the pioneers of high-security locks in North America. They have over 40 years of experience in the security and lock industry creating secure locks that are virtually pick-proof – even for professional locksmiths.

Medeco® Locks focus on creating lock products that have key control and high security. Medeco® Locks ensure that consumers cannot get unauthorized keys duplicated. This is beneficial in corporate environments because it allows the business or property owners to control who has access to the building. If you work as a building or condominium owner or if you own a business that requires high security, then Medeco® Locks will be the best option to secure your business. They are also valuable to property owners because you cannot use lock-picking tools to manipulate the locks – they are virtually pick-proof.

In one of Consumer Reports’ monthly magazines, they ranked high-security deadbolts and tested Medeco® Locks against kicking, drilling and picking, and stated that Medeco® Maxum 11*603 lock style was the best from the testing they performed.

Davies Lock & Door Services encourages consumers and businesses that want high security and avoid duplication of keys to purchase Medeco® Locks. Security is essential, and investing in high-quality locks ensure that your business building and employees are safe. It also guarantees that no unwarranted visitors will have access to your building through key duplication.

For more information regarding Medeco® Locks, contact the locksmiths at Davies Lock & Door Services at 416-492-8933. Hire a professional locksmith to help with all of your commercial, industrial, and residential locksmith needs in Toronto, Ontario. Davies also services Markham, Scarborough, North York, Etobicoke, and Richmond Hill.

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